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Weekends in Summer

Weekends in Summer

I love Summer. I love vacations the most, (I loved my time with the GenZ Girls in Mexico) but when I am at home I do kind of like to keep routines, especially in the mornings. I feel it sets me up for the day and makes me feel alive. 

You could say that I should just relax, do nothing, take some time off. But I am just kind of productive person, I can’t stay still for long! As a YouTuber I gotta keep going. The routine of the weekdays and weekends, just like during the rest of the school year, they are the most relaxed of the year as 

One thing that does help me relax is music. Recently, I got record player that plays old fashioned turntable records! I love it. We bought some records – some new artists and some classic music. It is so relaxing. 

Of course we always do something fun in the summer, something summery like going to Splashtown with my sister. 

4 thoughts on “Weekends in Summer

  1. u should make a video where u lounge around and do nothing all day (that would probably be a challenge for u haha)

  2. I love your routines! After I watch them, it inspire’s me to do the same routine and be productive myself. I always procrastinate. But now I think I’m not gonna procrastinate as much anymore because of your routines!

  3. Hi Annie! I love your videos so much! I’m one year younger than u, so you inspire me so much! Your videos are so relatable and you seem like such a sweet person! Your personality is so fun and spunky! Hopefully you could reply to this!

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