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Trying New Stores

Trying New Stores

This is a series I am doing – shopping at stores I haven’t been to or I don’t normally shop at! I am now 13, growing up! I have always shopped where my mom took me and I don’t know about you, but my mom doesn’t like shopping much! I know? How are we related? Anyhow, I have 2 older sisters and growing up (ok, so I am still growing up, but you know, when I was little..) I often got hand me downs. I was fine with that as I always admired my sisters and was proud to wear their clothing. Then I started YouTube and the first really big video I had was one where I went shopping at Target! It got to 30,000 views in one week! We were amazed! But we learned then that people liked to watch me shop. 

Now, cause Target was so easy for us to go to – near our house, has groceries and hold stuff too, it because an easy place to vlog. I could always pick up something functional but cute at Target. I ventured to a couple more stores in the mall, but not many could fit a tween. So I focused on hand me downs and Target. 

But this year, turning 13 and growing up has made me thing about the world a little differently: I don’t have to do things as I always have just because that is the way it has always been! No, I can try new places! It is a little uncomfortable and sometimes disappointing to go to a new store and find something to suit your style, but you know what? I am glad I did, cause I have found a store I really like – that is Hollister!  I have gone back twice since that video!

Today it is one my bff, Hope Marie, likes, called Pacsun. I had seen it in the mall, but never went there… until now. I got some outfits, watch my video to the end to hear my honest review of that store and then comment what do you think!

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