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Shopping with Sisters

Shopping with Sisters

I love taking you with me as I shop. This video is part travel vlog, part mall shopping! My sister Lily Kate, who has her own store, drives me and my other sister Laura around a lot. It is summer now so we go shopping or go to the water park or out with friends to the drive in movies, that kind of thing together. In this video you can she how loud it is being a Cole sister! lol. lots of music and talking over each other. 

But we love it. 

I did get some cute looks in the store, but I share my struggles a bit also – do you find that sometimes you try something on and it fits in the front, but not the back, or it fits on the hips but not the legs, or the straps are too long or short but otherwise it would have been perfect??? yeah, I know, happens all the time! 

Or else, you look at a ton of stores and it is all just bland, nothing inspiring. I love to dress up and look cute for everything. But I also love to be comfortable, but still cute. It is a struggle. So many styles in the mall are kind of nothing or all the same. I want something new and exciting! New fabrics or new colors so we all don’t end up looking the same as each other! 

I am going to Vidcon in a couple of weeks, I love to dress up for that cause I will meet some fans and lots of YouTubers too. YouTube events are my favorite thing, so I gotta be prepared. Plus I have a photoshoot planned for something special that I will be telling you about! 

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