Annie Rose

YouTuber, Author, Designer, Singer, Entrepreneur

About Annie Rose

Annie Rose started posting on YouTube at the age of 9 with her best friend, Hope Marie. Together they hosted Jazzy Girl Stuff until 2017. Annie hosted Annie’s Vlogs, which is now Annie Rose & Lily Kate and she has her own channel called Annie Rose which is going strong at 800K subscribers.

Annie Rose is passionate about every aspect of her career, from filming to editing to dong her own promotion on her popular Instagram account @annie_rose_cole.

Annie lives a full life in Texas, she participates in musical theater, writes songs, has published a book of poetry, has designed her own merch line and given a TedX talk! Luckily, her homeschooling life has allowed her the freedom to do all these things plus travel for youtube events and modeling with different brands like Petite n’ Pretty, Claire’s, Justice and Me-n-u.

Annie Rose has 5 siblings. Matthew is in college, Lily Kate is a YouTuber and runs her own business, Laura is a dancer, Max and Mark Adam are her cute younger brothers.


You are enough. You are beautiful. You deserve the world. You are smart. Riches are coming. Just wait.

Annie Rose,

from Every Sentence of the Way