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Backstage at JoJo Siwa’s Dream Tour

Backstage at JoJo Siwa’s Dream Tour

Lily got to go backstage at JoJo Siwa’s DREAM tour and WOW! Lily was amazed at how heavy the costumes are. She is an amazing performer, full of energy and positivity.

But more than that, JoJo announced Lily from the stage! How exciting!! And in September the Dream Tour is coming back to Texas and Lily is going to take me!! I hope I get to meet her too.

5 thoughts on “Backstage at JoJo Siwa’s Dream Tour

  1. You are so cute and I love your personality I wish I was able to meet you but I live in the SanJuan islands in Washington💛you are so freakin gorgeous🥰love you lots Annie💕🤩

  2. Annie you are such an idol to me, you are so pretty with such a lovely style that I love so much, you have the best personality and dedication to living your life. I so badly wish that I could get to know you because you seem like the type of person I’d want to meet. I love your YouTube videos and blogs I hope your YouTube channel will get a million followers and more! Your the best Annie!

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