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4 Reasons for short summer vacations

4 Reasons for short summer vacations

Summer is a time for family and fun. I love summer vacation trips, but it is hard for our family of 8 to find time to book a vacation together as our schedules are all so crazy. We easily give up and not try to do a vacation at all, but my parents squeezed a short 4 night trip in. (even though my dad and sister had to leave before the trip was over for a speech competition Lily was doing in South Carolina!).

But even short vacation is worth it. And here are my top reasons why:

1) Somehow the act of getting away from the house just focuses us on something new together as a family and brings us closer together.

2) We get to spend time together and make new shared memories and new traditions.

3) We get to do something different from our regular routine. This not only gives me a fresh look at my life, it makes me appreciate what I have in my life, so when I get home I feel like I have been away for longer than I have and am happy to be home.

4) This time away gives me time to breath and plan, and having a short vacation forces me to get into ‘relaxing’ ‘introspection’ mode quickly.

For our short family vacation this year we didn’t go to the perfect beach and do a ton of things, but we did one thing to make it memorable – we rented a super luxurious beach house, one that looked very different from our ranch style home.


We didn’t do a whole lot, but we invited our friends to come and visit us. What is it you like to do to change your routine and recharge?

I hope you watch my video:

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  1. That is so awesome! I find that since my family is so busy, we find it hard to get away sometimes too. But usually, just that weekend trip is enough for us. Very well written post!!

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