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3 Reasons for Being Productive in summer

3 Reasons for Being Productive in summer

It is summer, but as a YouTuber I still I keep a routine during the weekdays. Routine is such weird concept for kids but I really believe that it is important to have a routine even during the summer.

Three reasons to be productive in summer:

  1. Keeps you productive
  2. Keeps you from forgetting what you are all about and falling behind
  3. Keep you from being bored 

What does my morning routine look like?

It is for sure different for the weekday, even in the summer. Here are some of the things in my morning routine, I don’t always do them in the exact same order, but these are the general things:

Brush teeth with my pink Sonicare 

Make bed


Catch up on emails, do some editing

Feed cats

Get some food myself

Coffee with my Oasis Keurig K-Select Single Serve K Cup

Skin care or make up

Get dressed

Film something with my Canon M50


Go to the gym

Later, after the gym….



Nails done

Then when I am home it is time to upload my latest video and edit it. Then I usually go swimming with my little brothers. But that if for another video!

If you are interested in learning more about what it is like to be a teen YouTuber then come back weekly for more blogs and check out my all my equipment at my KIT.


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